eLearning Developer with¬† 6 Years’ Experience

With a passion for learning, technology and teaching; a career in eLearning has been the best choice I ever made.

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Software I Can Use

eLearning Portfolio

Captivate Build on Depression

I wrote this module from start-to-finish with the mindset of an Instructional Designer and then built everything myself as well. The module contains some of the following elements:

  • A Vyond video
  • Custom graphics
  • A full Captivate build
  • Colour scheme/art direction

Storyline Build on Stress

This is a micro-module about stress at work, which I wrote, built and create the artwork and video for. The module contains some of the following elements:

  • A Biteable video
  • Custom graphics
  • A full Storyline build
  • Colour scheme/art direction

Biteable Demo

I created this video about Anxiety using Biteable.

Camtasia Demo

I created this tutorial on Gmail, to show how I can use Camtasia. For the voice, I used Google’s text-to-speech app.

Recognition from Adobe

In 2016, Adobe hosted their elearning conference in Las Vegas and I was recognised for my contribution to their online elearning community.


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