eLearning Developer with 5 Years’ Experience

I’m an elearning Developer with over 5 years’ experience and am also passionate about being a mental health champion.

Scroll down to look through my portfolio for both elearning and some mental health projects.

eLearning Portfolio

Captivate Build on Depression

I wrote this module from start-to-finish with the mindset of an Instructional Designer and then built everything myself as well. The module contains some of the following elements:

  • A Vyond video
  • Custom graphics
  • A full Captivate build
  • Colour scheme/art direction

Evolve Build about Remote Working

As we’re now working from home and learning how to get our home office set up, I wanted to write and build a short micro-module on this subject. I wrote the module but also worked with a subject matter expert called Helen Packham from helenpackham.com.

Helen is a communications specialist and Tedx coach. She also does a lot of remote speaking and coaching for remote speaking.

Camtasia Demo

I created this tutorial on Gmail, to show how I can use Camtasia. For the voice, I used Google’s text-to-speech app.

Recognition from Adobe

In 2016, Adobe hosted their elearning conference in Las Vegas and I was recognised for my contribution to their online elearning community.


My photo is on the bottom left.

Graphic Design

Here is some artwork I created using Adobe Illustrator.

eLearning Podcasts

Recently I started my own elearning podcast called ‘elearning Careers’ and have also been a guest on another podcast.

Mental Health Projects in Progress

Stigma in-a-box Product

This is a product I’m creating, which is a ready-made campaign focusing on the stigma of mental health and is being made for companies/organisations and their internal comms teams.

The idea is simple. To have everything you need to launch an internal mental health campaign, without creating any of the assets yourself.

Here is an example of just some of the assets being made:

  • 12-month email newsletters
  • Recorded videos to support the newsletters
  • Video script templates for internal leadership
  • Content calendars for comms team to follow
  • Launch event templates
  • Workshop ideas for managers and their teams
  • Posters, stationary design for the campaign

The image to your right is an illustrative example of the product. But doesn’t reflect what the final product will look like.

Book Contribution

I have recently contributed a chapter of a book about bouncing back from mental illness and physical illness. This is being released in November 2020, but you can see the cover to your right.

To receive a copy of my chapter, please get in touch directly.

Stigma Podcast

I host a podcast called That’s Mental. It focuses on talking about mental health with short 10-minute episodes. You can listen to the episodes by clicking below.