About Luke Westwood

My mission is to end the stigma related to mental illness

As someone who’s experienced 18 years’ of chronic pain from a hidden disability, which in turn led to symptoms of a mental illness, Luke has experienced stigma first-hand. This stigma also prevented Luke from seeking help for many years, because of fear of judgement and discrimination along with his own self-stigma. From false-hope cures with amazing high moments, to terrifying lows of depression and experiencing a breaking point, Luke persevered and found a way to live well despite his illness. He now wants to share his story and help others going through similar challenges.


He has also worked at some of the top blue-chip companies in the U.K. within the e-learning sector and brings over 5 years’ of industry experience. Luke has always had a passion for teaching and as someone who struggled with learning disabilities in school, can now make education an enjoyable and accessible experience.


Luke is also StigmaZero’s UK Campaigner and looks forward to bringing their innovative online training program to UK-based employers.