Captivate Quick Tip: Blurry Text in Shapes

Captivate Quick Tip: Blurry Text in Shapes

When I  create shapes in Captivate 8, I’ve always had the issue of blurry text, in the browser, when I write inside of the shapes. You can write in any shape by double clicking on the them once created. But finally I found a way to work around this.

After you’ve created the shape you want, create a text caption and place it on top of the shape. By doing this you won’t have any of the blurred text when previewing in HTML 5. For some shapes you may have to adjust the size and rotation of the caption, but I was so releaved after working this out.

If you have experienced blurry text in browsers when previewing your work and have fixed it, I would love to hear how you did it.

Hope this helps.

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