Graphic Design

Below are examples of my graphic design skills, which is a big part of both design and development for eLearning.

Click on each image, to see an enlarged version.

Coffee Poster

This poster is based on an eLearning module about making a caffe late.

It could be used to promote the elearning module inside a company and to promote awareness about the training.

My approach for designing posters is to make it easy to read from a distance and to only have text, which is absolutely needed.

You want to inspire action and to make it easy to remember.

Park at Night Scene

This scene was created using Adobe Illustrator and was a fun way to create an environment at night.

TV Scene Recreation

I took the challenge to recreate a scene from a popular TV show.

The how is made in 3D animation, but appears in 2D.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create this scene.

A Brochure Front Cover

I designed a brochure front cover, for a fictitious company, which sells Widgets.

This was made in Adobe Illustrator.

Reduce Plastic Poster

I made this poster in Adobe Illustrator, and wanted the challenege of designing an environmental awareness poster.