Mental Health Module

A Module about Depression

The image to your right, is linked to a module, which is part of a suite of 10 modules, which is about mental health and raising both awareness and understanding.

This was made using Adobe Captivate, Adobe Illustrator for Vyond/GoAnimate for the animated video.

When you have completed the module, please don’t click on the exit button, as this will close your browser tab.

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My Commentary and Process of Developing the Module

The Problem

As mental health has become talked about more and understood, the need for corporate training has and will only increase.

The problem that comes from this, is that mental health is often a very difficult and often taboo subject.

It can be emotionally draining for people to learn about, it can make people feel vulnerable and insecure to even think about it. Let alone talk and learn about it.

I decided to take on the challenge of finding a way to make it an approachable, non-threating and memorable subject for e-learning.

The Solution

I’ve always been a fan of short and bit-sized e-learning, which get to the point quickly and don’t last longer than 10 minutes.

I knew I wanted to take this approach, which would help with making it accessible and wouldn’t be a heavy cognitive load and even an emotional load.

What next?

The next issue I had to focus on, was making it an engaging, memorable and creative piece of content.

This was achieved by using a mix of rich media and colourful design. I wanted to use animated videos to tell a story, create a non-threating user interface and have a nice colour pallet.

Important note – Whilst I want it to be a non-threating and approachable subject, I had to make sure I didn’t patronise the learner or insult their intelligence. I think this is a mistake, which many designers make in e-learning, and I feel the final product doesn’t do this.