Below are testimonials from my elearning & video freelancing clients, which I used to do in my evenings.

Company Name – Puffer Sweiven

Industry – Oil and Gas

Location of Client – Houston, Texas, United States

Service Provided.

E-learning consultancy & software training

Jasmyne Patterson – Learning Development.

This was my first time developing  interactive eLearning courses for our sales employees. I quickly learned the basics of Adobe Captivate, but needed more assistance with video and simulation resolution sizing. The resolution of my captivate videos continuously appeared granular after inserting into the Captivate project.  I wasn’t able to solve this problem until I met Luke via the Adobe eLearning Community. Luke, advised on resetting the video resolution and added instructional text to the video. As, a result I had a seamless eLearning course!

I was so impressed with his captivate skills and coaching that I asked him to help me develop several more eLearning courses.

Luke has troubleshot captivate issues with me via video conference, provides “How to Guides” and performs quality checks on the courses I send him.

His eLearning development skills have taken my captivate skills from beginner to intermediate and on my way to advanced developer!

I enjoy working with Luke and recommend his services to anyone looking to master eLearning software or seeking a developer to create eLearning solutions for your company.

Company Name – Napier Partnership

Industry – Tech PR

Location of Client – Chichester, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Service Provided.

Video production: Filming, editing and providing crew.

Mike Maynard, Managing Director.

During all our projects with Luke, we found him to be reliable, creative and knowledgeable. He was trusted with high value video projects and never failed to deliver a great result. We were able to rely on him to deliver valuable projects.

Luke was an excellent partner for Napier. He not only delivered great work, but was also happy to help us learn more, which helped both the agency and our clients do a better job from one project to the next.

Company Name – New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers

Industry – Government Administration

Location of Client – New Zealand

Service Provided.

Adobe Captivate software training.

Jane Wilson, Instructional Developer.

I met Luke during a webinar we were both listening to about Adobe Captivate. As a new user of this product I was keen to connect with Luke, he’s very experienced in this area.

Luke has provided advice and guidance to me over the last few months. Thanks Luke, my confidence in the product is growing thanks to your tips.

I highly recommend Luke for any training in this area.

Company Name – ACAL Technology

Industry – Tech

Location of Client – United States

Service Provided.

Video production: Editing & providing crew.

Simon Rush, Div. Sales & Marketing Information Manager.

ACAL required a video of a corporate presentation to be made at very short notice. Luke was able to provide us with a professional cameraman who was able to advise on the set up and production of the video. We were very pleased with the efficiency and quality of the service provided.